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I had forgotten to get my estrogen patch prescription re-
filled, and soon the symptoms of menopause–hot flashes,
forgetfulness and irritability returned.

At the drugstore, I found myself telling the pharmacist all
about my problems. After listening patiently, he asked, “So,
how many people asked you to get this refilled?

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How Old where you when……

1. Fell in love (real love, not that ‘Okay, I dated my high-school crush and broke up three seconds later’ thing)?: 33

2. Got a MySpace account – 37 (The sad part is I know this because the first comment I ever got on MySpace is still on the frontpage)

3. Smoked weed – 12 or 13

4. Got French kissed – I honestly don’t remember

5. Went to the hospital for surgery – I never had surgery

6. Got your heart broken badly – 34

8. Got arrested – I got busted for shoplifting before I was in high school, if that counts. I actually was cuffed and went to jail back when I was 23 or so.

9. Smoked a Cigarette – Tried it in my mid-teens, threw up for an hours, decided it wasn’t for me

10. Broke your first bone – Hmmm, nose broken in a car accident when I was 15 or 16

11. Went to a concert – As a kid, music was big in my family.

12. Got your own cell phone – 39

13. Got a speeding ticket – Uhmmmm, speeding, not just any ticket? Fist one I can remember was while going to Gibbs, so 36 or 37

14. Ran away – I’ve been running away my whole life

16. Snuck out of the house – Never had to

17. Pierced other than your ears – Not for me, nope

18. Got a tattoo – Again, not my thing

19. Totaled a car – 16, while practicing driving… in our own driveway… Hit the gas instead of the brakes

20. Moved out of your parent house – 20… the first time

21. How old are you now – 40

22. Had a kid? – Never, ever, ever

*Stolen from Toki

Not much to say at the moment. I’ll let music convey my mood:


1. Name something you use in the shower?
Back scrubber

2. Name something a football player wears under his uniform?
Tighty Whities

3. Name something people hate to find on their windshield.
Parking ticket

4. Name something a man might buy before a date?
Breath Spray

5. What’s another word for blemish?

6. Something you’d cook in the microwave?

7. Name a piece of furniture people need help moving.
Sofa bed

8. Name a reason a younger man might like an older woman?
More ‘open minded’ (know what I mean? nudge-nude, wink-wink, say no more)

9. Name something a dog does that embarrasses its owner.
Sniffs inappropriate places

10. Name a kind of test you cannot study for.

11. Name something a boy scout gets a badge for?
Eating Brownies… No, wait… I mean Identifying Plants

12. Name a phrase with the word ‘Home’ in it?
Home is where the heart is.

13. Name a sport where players lose teeth?
Nascar (though that may just be the fans, I’m not sure)

14. Name something a teacher can do to ruin a student’s day?
Catch them passing notes and reading them to the class

15. What is a way you can tell someone has been crying?
Their face gets all puffy

16. Name something found under a car?
People who don’t use the crosswalk

17. Name a bird you wouldn’t want to eat?
Avienne’s (because A: I just wouldn’t and B: She’d hurt me [badly])

18. Name something that gets folded?

19. Name what happened to this question?
Muttered something about Tijuana and ran out the door

20. Name something that gets smaller the more you use it?
My bank account

*Stolen from Avienne

Free association is described as a “psychoanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content.” Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Protocol ::Diplomatic
  2. Girlfriends ::Drama
  3. Shoulders ::Broad
  4. Coming home ::Running Away
  5. Let it in ::Get it out
  6. Honor ::Pride
  7. Tyler ::Chicken
  8. Thriller ::Goosebumps
  9. Angela::Ashes
  10. The winner is ::Going to Disneyland!

On my first day working at the gas station, I watched a senior co-worker measure the level of gasoline in the underground tanks by lowering a giant measuring stick down into them.
“What would happen if I threw a lit match into the hole?” I joked.

“It would go out,” he replied very matter-of-factly.

“Really?” I asked, surprised to hear that. “Is there a lack
of oxygen down there or some safety device that would extinguish it before the fumes ignited?”

“No,” my co-worker continued. “The force from the explosion would blow out the match.”

Felix was playing golf with our town’s fire chief when he hit a ball into the rough. As Felix headed for the brush to find his ball, the chief warned, “Be careful, the rattlesnakes are out.”

The chief explained that calls had been coming in all week requesting assistance with removing the snakes.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Felix replied in astonishment.”People actually call you to help them with rattlesnakes? What do you say to them?”

“Well,” said the chief, “the first thing I ask is, ‘Is it on fire?'”

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Well, to the surprise and shock of no one, I did not get the photographer job I interviewed for. They decided to go with someone who had more action photography experience, which I can’t really fault them for, since I have none. What I find annoying is that I had to chase them to find out I didn’t get the job. From what I understood, they had all of three applicants. How hard is it to drop an e-mail to the other two saying, “So sorry, but we decided to go with someone else. Thanks for your interest.”? This happens in every job I’ve interviewed for. You go to the interview and they say something like “We’ll make our decision by the end of the week. Either way, you’ll have an answer by then”. The end of the week comes and, if you’re not the applicant they go with, you hear nothing. Really, that’d be fine if they’d just said “If you don’t hear from us by the end of the week, you didn’t get the job.”, but no, they leave you twisting. You think maybe there was a delay, so they won’t decide until Monday. You have to decide how much time to give them before you contact them and ask. I friggin‘ hate that. Just tell me! I can take rejection. The gods know I’m certainly used to it by now. It’s the uncertainty that gets to me, having hope and cynicism fighting a little war in my brain for a couple of days.

Meh. Ah well, back to the want ads.

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This is about the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen:

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This is a sculpture I did for my 3D art class back when I went to Gibbs. As you can see, I did a craptacular job on it, but I think I ended up getting an “A” anyhow. The teacher was extremely kind with grades. I think anyone who completed the project and made an honest effort at it got an “A”. Luckily, he didn’t deduct for lack of talent. Anyway, it’s been sitting on top of my bookshelf for the last three years and, obviously, it’s never been dusted. I think all the cobwebs add a little something, don’t you?

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So, I was bored, my camera was handy, and I just happen to have this dagger….. for decoration, of course. So, I snapped a few pictures, just to experiment and fool around. Some of them came out fairly cool.

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After taking this one, I had the thought that a picture of it actually cutting me would look awesome….. Then I had the thought that I’m really not that dedicated.

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