Ahhhh, a night off. It’s a bit weird to wake up and start my day at six in the evening, but I’d say I’m adjusting to working third shift quite well. I’ve had several of the first shift people comment on how energetic and cheerful I am when they come in. Heh, I think it annoys them a little. I’ve been fairly surprised at my energy level, both working overnights and in general, lately. I know I’ve said this before, but I think back to last year and working at Cartridge World… Hell, just my work history in general…. and I’m amazed by how good I feel. We’ve now passed the thirty day mark and I’m still feeling happy and enthusiastic about my job. I feel like I’ve undergone a rather profound change. I guess the work I’ve done in trying to improve myself is actually paying off. The depression medication, quitting drinking, regular exercise, eating (mostly) healthy, regular social contact….. Damn, who am I and what have I done with Dave?

Of course, it’s not all cherries and whipped cream. I had my first total asshole of a customer about five on Friday morning. I was working in the deli and this guy comes up and orders a buttered Portuguese roll. Simple enough, right? Before I started making it, I asked him (politely, of course) if he was aware we had a bunch of pre-buttered roll in a basket at the front of the store. His reply was “If I’m going to pay $149 for a buttered roll, I’m damned well going to get my money’s worth. You guys don’t put enough butter on your rolls and you’re ripping people off…” and proceeds to go on a rant about how we’re cheating the public by under-buttering our rolls. He then asked me if I was the one who buttered the rolls, which I am since that’s part of the night shift prep-work, and started attacking me personally like I was in the black market butter business, under-buttering the rolls and making off with the profits. At that point, I made a mistake. What I should have done was simply said that I was sorry the rolls weren’t to his satisfaction, but it was five in the morning, I had about four other things going on, and my mind wasn’t quite firring on all cylinders., so what I did say was “Well, I do put a goodly amount of butter on them, sir”. Like I said, that was a mistake. This guy now starts in on how I’m “copping an attitude” with him and he’ll report me to my manager, call the district manager, and I “don’t know who I’m messing with”. Well actually, I knew exactly who I was dealing with, a low to mid-level flunky with a crappy job that he hated who had decided he was going to try to dump his own misery onto me. So, staying polite and not bothering to respond to his threats, I showed him the roll I had buttered for him and asked if that was to his satisfaction. of course, it wasn’t, so I slathered on even more butter while mentally wishing him a happy heart attack (lots of butter with an extra helping of stress, oh boy!) and sent him on his merry way.

After that, I shrugged him off and continued with the things I needed to get done. My only worry was that he would actually call my manager, not because I thought I would get in trouble, but because she has enough to deal with without nuisance complaints. He didn’t follow through though. That type rarely does. They just want to spew their venom at the closest “safe” target. Still, people like that are a rarity and they don’t really get under my skin. All in all, I’m feeling really good… almost too damn good 😉