Yeah, this is going to be a whiny/ bitchy sort of post so you might just want to move on.

So yesterday, instead of having a relaxing and well earned day off, I worked in our Middlesex store because I need the extra hours. I’ll be there again on Friday morning at the far too early time of six am as well. The Middlesex store is desperate for people so I should be able to work there regularly to get the overtime I need just to pay my freakin’ bills and eat regularly. Speaking of eating, I had been trying to have a good salad for dinner/lunch as part of my drive for healthy living, but fresh produce is just far too expensive, so I’m going to have to go with whatever frozen dinner happens to be on special at the grocery store instead. It’s either that or go back to Hamburger Helper that I “stretch” by adding a box of pasta to so it lasts me a week.

Ah yes, I’m so glad that I’ve been working hard at making good choices and doing the right thing for the past few years. All that effort is really paying off now, boy. All it took was putting myself back through school, getting excellent grades, then working my ass off at Cartridge World to end up on the bottom rung of the convenience store ladder making a whole fifty cents more per hour than I was while working part time at the porn store six years ago….. But hey, at least I’m not bitter.

Just to add to the whole grumpy “my life sucks” vibe, I got an e-mail from my mother wanting to ‘touch base’ because we haven’t talked in a while. It seems the whole financial crisis has really put a big hit on her stock portfolio, but at least she has enough cash on hand so she really doesn’t have to touch her stocks for the next three years. Gee Mom, glad things are working out for you. Now, excuse me while I go work some overtime so I can afford to eat this week.