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Gray day today. Weather’s gray outside and I’m feeling gray inside. This is going to be a rough week. I came up short on my car payment, so now I have negative money in my bank account. I used the last ten dollars on my credit card to put gas in my car, so I have to hope that gets me through until Thursday. Meanwhile, I have no money to buy food, so I’m trying to stretch what I do have long enough. Add to that the fact that the only overtime I could get this week is working 3rd shift on Wednesday. That means I’ll be working ten am to six pm at my regular store, then 10 pm to 6 am in Middlesex, then 2 pm to 10 pm on Thursday at my store again. Doable, but not a lot of fun.

Meh, if I keep working hard and doing the right things it’ll get better…… Right?

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I say … and you think … ?

  1. Sleepy ::Mornings
  2. Thanksgiving ::Holiday
  3. Fifteen ::Candles
  4. Authority ::Question
  5. Bangs ::Cute!
  6. Curled ::under a blanket
  7. Young man ::Idiot
  8. Surprised ::and running
  9. Mistake ::Learn from it
  10. Handle it ::Carefully

Each week ten words are posted to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind. “Rules are, there are no rules.” There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.” -Unknown

So, here we are on yet another Saturday morning. I have the day off and today my mantra is “I’m going to get something useful done!”, but first I’m sipping on some tea and blogging. It’s been a hectic week, work wise. The store was busier than expected on Thanksgiving and for Black Friday we had a promotion giving away free medium coffee from midnight to midnight. You can imagine what a madhouse THAT caused. We sold over 2000 cups of coffee yesterday. That breaks down to about 83 cups an hour. Of course, it was busiest in the morning, but second shift saw plenty of action as well. On a related note, I had my fist ever celebrity sighting on Thursday.  Joe Piscopo was in the store with his family.  He seemed like a nice guy, except for the fact that he drives a Hummer.

Speaking of work (as if I have anything else to talk about), I’m now in charge of placing the candy order for the store and I’m going to be scheduled to work some first shifts so I can get additional training. It seems our District Manager wants Liz to train a coupe of people up to Assistant Manager level and my name was specifically mentioned as one that should be trained up. That’s good for me because a) it means people higher up on the food chain are noticing my work, and b) it puts my training on a higher priority level. It seems like every time we’re gearing up for more training, some crisis happens to interfere with it. I think working third shift set me back in a lot of ways. There was no one to train me on that shift and then there’s the whole ‘out of sight, out of mind’ hurdle to get over. Ah well, what’s done is done. hopefully, I can make up for lost time.

I think one thing that may have gotten me some notice is that our company currently soliciting donations for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. My store is currently first in the company for getting donations and I’m first in our store (by a significant margin) for “sneaker sales“. It’s a good cause, but I have to admit, charity isn’t the reason I’ve been pushing so hard to do well. Mainly, when the program started the guy who explained it to me casually threw in the fact that he was always first in the district for sneaker sales. I kinda took that as a personal challenge and thought to myself “not this year” 😉 Hey, a little competition is healthy, isn’t it?



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Not this cold yet, but it will be soon:

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Each week ten words are posted to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind. “Rules are, there are no rules.” There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head.

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Spit it out ::It’s poison!
  2. Shadow ::Legion
  3. Database ::Crash
  4. Expression ::Of Love
  5. Boss ::of Me
  6. Baby ::Face
  7. Mystic ::River
  8. Kate ::Don’t be Late!
  9. Boobies ::Yay!
  10. Raid ::The fridge


She was standing in the kitchen, preparing our usual soft-
boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, wearing only the ‘T’
shirt that she normally slept in.

As I walked in, almost awake, she turned to me and said
softly, ‘You’ve got to make love to me this very  moment!’

My eyes  lit up and I thought, ‘I am either still dreaming
or this is goin to be my lucky day!’

Not wanting to lose the moment, I   embraced her and then
gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table.

Afterwards, she said, ‘Thanks,’ and returned to the stove,
her T-shirt still around her neck.

Happy, but a little puzzled, I  asked, ‘What was that all

She explained, ‘The egg timer’s  broken.’


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*Shamelessly stolen from Questionable Content

Wow, was that last post long enough for y’all? ‘Cause it’s not over yet.

Where was I? Oh yes, Nimeh ignoring a customer and lieing when I confronted her. So, at this point, I’m furious and I knew anything I said or did would only cause more problems, so I went outside by my car for the rest of my break to cool down and center myself. I then went back in and finished the rest of my shift. I’d like to point out that twice that morning, Nimeh had trouble working the register and I went up and helped her, remaining polite and professional the whole time. Since it was Sunday, my manager had the day off and the assistant manager was late coming in. I didn’t feel like waiting around on my own time to report the incident, so I went home figuring I could talk to my manager when I came in on Monday.

Fast forward to Monday. As soon as I punched in, I went to talk to my manager. As it turned out, she wanted to talk to me as well. Apparently, Nimeh had complained that I “screamed at her for no reason” then left her alone in the store. *side note* When I went out to my car, no customers we in the store, nor did any come in during the 15 minutes I was out there *end side note*.  Liz, my manager, listened to my side of the story and told me she had watched the security footage of the incident. Obviously, there’s no sound, but at least she could see what happened. She also watched me pacing out in the parking lot and sat down with Nimeh and showed her the same footage. We had a long talk (close to an hour) about everything. Just being able to vent and talk it out without being interrupted helped and Liz also said she’s have a long talk with Nimeh too. The short term solution is that Nimeh and I won’t be scheduled to work together “for a while” to let things cool down.

The long term solution is, of course, more complicated. After my talk with Liz, I found out Nimeh had also been talking with some of my co-workers. As one of my co-workers told me “She was literally crying and asking ‘why doesn’t he like me?’ She just wants to be your friend.” and saying she doesn’t understand why I’m mad at her, claiming the language/culture barrier. I’m sorry but I’m calling bullshit on the majority of that…. For several reasons.

Ok, yes, she is Russian and has trouble with the language. However, she understands things well enough to spin them in her favor when she talks to out manager, so why doesn’t she understand them enough to do the right thing when we’re alone together? Also, she doesn’t act like someone craving approval/friendship (again, when we’re alone together). When she came in Monday night, she just blew by me without saying hello and when I said goodbye to her as I left, she completely ignored me. I think she’s playing the victim card, using crocodile tears to get sympathy, and hiding behind the language barrier at her convenience. “Oh the big, scary man is being mean to me and I’m just a poor immigrant who doesn’t understand. Boo (fucking) hoo.” I’m sorry, but I’ve seen selective memory at work and the whole victim act too often to buy into it…

… And there’s my problem. I have seen it too often and it drives me freakin’ nuts, so my reaction to it is (probably) more extreme than it should be. I can’t seem to deal with it rationally, to get my distance from it, which makes me even more angry because I hate not having control of myself. Liz actually said to me “You’re so smart, you should be playing her like a fiddle”. She also said that while she knows it’s not fair, she expects more from me since I am smarter and not as “fiery” tempered…. Which is another thing that annoys me. There is this attitude, from everyone at the store, of “Well, that’s just the way Nimeh is”, so we all have to deal with it and make allowances. Excuse me?! So, if I start, say, spitting on people’s shoes when i talk to them (but only my co-workers, not the customers), people will just put up with it ’cause “that’s the way I am” or would I be expected to change my behavior so I don’t aggravate the rest of the store?

So, that’s where I am. The onus seems to be on me to resolve this situation. Somehow, I’ve got to figure out a way to deal with this woman without just adapting a ‘grin and bear it’ attitude. I guess I should look at it as a chance for personal growth and a way to work through my own issues…..

Oh boy, more personal growth….yay.