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Ok, short update as I am still computerless at the moment 😦

I got the new monitor in, an Acer 22 inch flat panel. It’s a thing of beauty, though I have yet to see it actually on. On the same day my monitor arrived, I discovered that my income tax refund had gotten posted in my bank account a week earlier than anticipated. Yay! Needless to say, I was out the door to the computer store within 15 minutes of discovering this 😉

The computer guy took one look at my (7 year) old system and told me that my best bet was to get a whole new computer as any significant upgrade would result in my doing  just that. Basically, new CPU would mean new motherboard, new motherboard wouldn’t fit in the old tower, yadda yadda yadda. Sooo, I am now getting a sparkly new computer, one with some “muscle”, for less that I was planning on spending on the upgrade. The downside of this is that I won’t get it until Tuesday since they have to transfer all my old files onto the new system.

Luckily, I’m the patient type



Nasty night last night. It started snowing about 12:30 am and kept going until it turned to rain around 8:00 am. So, I didn’t get out of work until eight and the roads were so bad that it took me almost an hour to get home. As an added bonus, when I got home we had no power…. Joy.

We got power back sometime in the morning while I was asleep. However, when I woke up and went to turn my computer on, the monitor was dead. I checked the power cable, the surge protector, all that and nothing. it’s just dead. Soooo, I’m on my father’s computer right now and I need to get a new monitor. Luckily, I’ve been working all this overtime, so I should be able to afford it (barely).

What really pisses me off…. besides the usual… is that I’m expecting to get my tax refund on February Sixth. It should be close to a thousand dollars. I was planning to use that money to upgrade my computer and get a new monitor. So, my monitor has to die NOW, so it becomes a crisis….. Well, if not a crisis, a hassle.

Grrrrrr, I was actually thinking I might have some extra money for a change. I should have known better.

sleepy_bearBeware the barrenness of a busy life.” -Socrates

Oooohhh man, it’s been a rough few days. On Friday, the guy I’m covering nights for showed up to work drunk again, so he was let go. I got called in early to cover half his shift, as well as my regular shift, so I ended up working an 11 hour night. I got home from THAT, slept for about two hours, then went and helped my friend Ken move into his new apartment. After that, I slept for about three hours, then went into work. My relief was late Sunday morning, so that turned into a ten hour day. I came home Sunday Morning, which was supposed to be my day off, fell into bed by ten am and was woken by my phone at seven in the evening. That was yet another co-worker needing me to cover for her because her kid was sick (turned out to be strep throat, he’s doing fine now). Of course, I couldn’t say no to that, so I ended up working nine and a half hours Sunday night then had to go in for my regular shift Monday afternoon. Happily, my manager had some compassion and let me come in a couple hours late, so that was only a five hour shift. Monday night, I was in bed by two am and just woke up at seven pm after sleeping like the dead for about seventeen hours.

My next day off is Thursday. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I plan on going out and doing something to enjoy myself. On the good side, at least this will make for two weeks of high overtime pay. I also had a talk with my manager and she says my promotion to assistant manager wold be, at most, two months away. The only reason I’m not being promoted now is that she’s afraid our district manager will grab me and put me in another store as soon as I’m promoted and she wants to make sure I’m totally ready in case that happens. Of course, our store is one assistant short at the moment, so if she can work it so she won’t lose me, she’ll promote me sooner. I can live with either scenario. While I’d like to stay working at this store, going to another would probably provide a sharper learning curve (sink or swim). Either way, my goal was to make assistant manager within a year and it looks like that’s definitely going to happen, so I’m happy. I’d be even happier if my raise came through this week 😉

Sooooo, yeah. Busy, busy, busy, but feeling pretty good about it all.


  1. Unwanted :: Love
  2. You’d better :: Fess Up
  3. Woman :: Of Mystery
  4. Weighed :: and Measured
  5. Upright :: Homo Sapiens
  6. I feel :: Like Dancing
  7. Ill :: Omen
  8. It’s like :: Ya Know?
  9. Poor man ::, He really should have ducked
  10. Great :: Potential

Each week ten words are posted to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind. “Rules are, there are no rules.” There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head.


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*Questionable Content, always snarky, always fun!


One night my friend John and I were sitting at a bar where
he used to work, when an attractive woman, a former co-
worker, came in and sat next to him. She told him she had
just had a fight with her husband, a police officer, and
needed to get out of the house for a while.

They had been talking for a few minutes when, as a joke,
I leaned over to John. “Don’t look now,” I whispered,
“but a guy about six-five just walked in. And he’s got
a gun.”

Without hesitating, John turned to me. “Quick, Ed,” he
said, “kiss me on the mouth!”


Oh man, I is sleepy. So sleepy I’m posting kitten pictures. What’s up with that?! It’s hard to get quality sleep during the day. I just keep waking up at odd times. It doesn’t help that, with all the snow on the ground, the day star is especially bright.

Other than that, night shift is going just fine. Nimeh has been on her best behaviour, for which I thank our manager’s ultimatum, and Kelly, the new girl, is a very nice person to work with. I also do a little happy dance (yes, I’m petty) because Nimeh is getting herself into more and more trouble for not following store policy. She thinks she can run the night shift like her own little kingdom and is finding out that that’s just not true. The only problem is, if she manages to get herself fired over all this, who do you think is going to end up running night shift for the foreseeable future?

On the good side, another new hire just got approved and starts training next week, so the end is in sight AND I just got word that my raise has been approved. Our manager promoted me one step up, which is no change in title, but an increase in pay. I just don’t know how much the increase is yet, but ANY more money is a good thing.

So, slowly but surely, things are improving. I just need to stay focused and fight the good fight.

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Goals Accomplished!!

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There we go! Five days of working out and over five thousand calories burned from exercise.  W00T, go me! Let’s see what other improvements we’ve had…. Well, I burned and average of 1050 calories per workout this week as opposed to 828 calories per workout last week. That’s a 21% gain! My average Physical Index went from 16 to 18, so that’s a two point gain, and my average total weight lifted increased from 50,480 pounds to 53,973 pounds for a total increase 3453 pounds, which is a 6% gain!

Gee, you exercise regularly and things improve….Whodathunkit?

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I’m also improving at the Yoga. Of course, I don’t have a numbers to base that on, but I’m able to hold the positions (a bit) longer and stretch (a little) more. Still a long way to go there, though. I spent far too much money on new gloves and weights for the punching bag. I’m now doing that wearing ten pounds on each ankle and four pounds on each wrist. I’m really feeling a burn by the end of the half hour! My shoulders hate me 😉

My shiny new Body Fat scale finally arrived. I gave it some thought and decided to bite the bullet and post my actual weight and body fat percentage instead of just talking about the amount lost or gained. I figure if I’m embarrassed by talking about how much I weigh, that’s just more incentive to lose the weight.

I discovered the last time I actually weighed and measured myself was back in May of last year (way to procrastinate Dave), so we’re going to use that as the base line for gains and losses. So, I’m currently at 305 pounds and 44.9% body fat, which is down from May, when I was at 307 pounds and 53% body fat. That’s a loss of 2 pounds and 8.1% body fat! If you do the math, that means I went from 162 pounds of body fat to 137 pounds, which is a loss of 25 pounds of fat!! Whoo Hoo!!! On the bad side, I didn’t lose any size. My chest, waist, and hips stayed exactly the same (55, 55.5, and 47 inches to be precise.). I gained about a half inch in my neck and thighs (19.5 and 28 inches) and a quarter inch in my upper arms (16.75 inches). I can hope that those gains were muscle at least.

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So, that’s about it. All in all, I’d say it was a very good week. My goals this week are to maintain, maintain, maintain! At least five days of exercise and five thousand calories burned. Wile eventually I do want to get to six days per week, I was really pushing to get in and get it done on Friday, so I don’t want to overdo it and lose momentum.

Each week ten words are posted to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind. “Rules are, there are no rules.” There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head.

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Arrival :: I Have Returned!
  2. Vomit :: Don’t fight it
  3. Fit :: as a fiddle
  4. Stutter :: and choke
  5. Lifestream :: and me without a paddle
  6. Tread :: Carefully
  7. Desire :: Passion
  8. Freezing :: My arse off
  9. Permit :: me to be blunt…
  10. Crinkle :: Crankle


So, things have been interesting, but surprisingly drama-free. Tina’s first message was of the “is this really you?” sort.  I considered just not messaging back, but I’ve never found avoidance to be a particularly useful option and, honestly, there were things I wanted to know. We messaged back and forth a couple of times, both of us being cautious but honest. She apologized for the way things ended, telling me it was nothing I had done, just that she had basically panicked once everything became real. I can understand that. We were both in a serious relationship for the first time and reality was crashing head on into  fantasy after two years of being in a long distance relationship. So, she panicked and ran away.

I surely wasn’t blameless either.  I made my own mistakes and I apologized for those. All in all, it was very cathartic and I felt much better about things afterwords. She asked if we could be friends and keep in touch. I, of course, agreed to that. We ended up chatting until 3:30 in the morning, catching up on the past 7 years of our lives and talking about a bunch of little things. It was strange, talking to her again. It felt so comfortable and easy once we got past the initial part.

Don’t worry, this is only going to be friendship. I’m not so foolish as to start anything romantic again. Also, she now had a three year old son and is in a long term relationship with the father, so I’m not looking to screw that up. Finding out about the son really surprised me. Doctors had told her she wouldn’t be able to have children, so it’s definitely for the best that we broke up, else I very well might have violated my commitment not to breed.

Funny how these things work out……