I really have to stop complaining when things are routine and boring. I should know by now that it doesn’t lead to good things.

So, yeah, I’m completely fucked at the moment… Well, maybe not quite completely, but well and thoroughly. See, a couple of month ago, I had to refinance the final “balloon” payment on my car, which I did through Volkswagen credit, the same people I’ve been dealing with since I bought the car. So, I thought everything was taken care of…. that is, until I got a letter in the mail saying they hadn’t received some paperwork from me (they never sent me any) and I had ten days from the receipt of the letter to fix the situation…. So, on my next day off (about two days later) , I called to see what the problem was, only to find out they had already canceled my financing! Not only that, since I was past the due date now, they couldn’t finance me, so I had to come up with the full amount I owed or turn the car in.

Soooo, of course I scrambled to find a loan only to discover that a bill hadn’t been paid back when I hurt my knee at work, and was now in collection, which was blocking me from getting any loans approved…… Joy and rapture….. I contact the benefits department at work to get THAT straightened out and….

…. Fast forward to two weeks ago. It’s my father’s 70th birthday. I went out to a nice dinner with him and Kendra. came home, happy in a good mood….. and my car wasn’t in the driveway. It had been repossessed. Which, by the way, the don’t tell you or anything. I had to call the police to report the car stolen to find that out. The notice I got from VW credit, three days later, informed me that I have until the 26th to come up with the money I owe or they sell the car and if they sell the car for less than I owe, I’m still on the hook for the rest of it. Meaning that they could sell my car for a dollar and I’ll still owe them over twelve thousand dollars. Joy. To add to the fun, I now have a repossession on my credit report, so how much luck to you think I’ve had coming up with the money?

I’m going to run away to Alaska and become a hermit.