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I was going through some old computer files today and come upon this. It was a school project in package design to make a book cover, so I went with the ‘self help’ genre and this is what I came up with. If I wrote it, would you buy it?


All right, we’re making progress. Not as much progress as I’d like, but still progress. I think the key is not over-scheduling myself. I don’t take orders well, not even orders from myself, so if I put down something set in stone like “Drawing practice: 10 am to 12 pm”, my instinct is to do anything but draw. However, if I write down a specific drawing project and the steps I want to accomplish today, it gives me the freedom to chose when and how to do it and doesn’t activate my knee-jerk rebellion. I have a sketch for a large scale (comparatively) project. My goal is to take it through all the stages to a finished work; Drawing, inking, coloring, and publishing. I plan to try both freehand and computer coloring to see which I like better. Since most of my non-computer artwork doesn’t get past the initial stages, I think going through the whole process is important. If I can do it with one, I can do it with more, right?

Combining with that is refreshing my skills (such as they are) with my computer graphics programs. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done  more than basic photo editing, that I’m rusty as hell. I attempted a middling-complicated project from a Computer Arts magazine and just hit a brick wall. There were things they assumed I could do that I just blanked on. *sigh* So, it’s back to basics there too. The important thing is to do it, not just whine about it.  Hell, if I’ve got nothing else, I’ve got time.

Whew, I just finished one of my traditional drawing commitments for today, three chapters out of Drawing for Dummies. I figure returning to the absolute basics, combined with actual drawing projects,  is a good way to start. (Side note: When typing the title, I wrote Daring for Dummies instead. Freudian slip much?) What’s interesting is my reaction to doing any traditional drawing. There’s this inner cynic constantly nattering in the background of my mind, telling me I’ll never be any good at this, laughing at my efforts, and generally belittling everything I try. That generally happens with anything creative I do, (You should hear the laughing in my head any time I refer to myself as an artist) but it’s particularly bad when I set pencil to paper. I’ve tried to sit down and analyze the source in an attempt to quiet the voice. I mean, you gotta figure that sort of thing stems from some art class trauma as a kid, right? However, nothing springs to mind. I’m hoping that I can beat it down with time, consistent effort, and improvement.

Anyway, just taking a break to clear my head. More later.