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I got myself a nice Oven Stuffer Roaster this morning, let it marinate in a balsamic vinegar and roasted onion sauce all day, the stuffed it with baby red potatoes and red onion. It’s cooking now, won’t be done until about eleven tonight, but it smells YUMMY. Gotta love those oven roasting bags, just pop everything in there and let it cook. No muss, no fuss.

Sooo yeah, got the night off tonight and I just woke up a little bit ago. Heh, the chicken’s gonna be breakfast, but I never was much of a traditionalist. I had kinda an odd dream last night. I was doing the convenience store things, selling cigarettes specifically, but instead of actually being in the store, I was in somebody’s living room, and I couldn’t find any of the light switches, so it was dark and i was trying to find the cigarretes I needed by feel. That’s all the details I remember, just an odd little dream.

In other news, I got way sick last week, Missing three days of work and doing nothing but sleep kind of sick. It was almost like a three day migraine. My head was throbbing and I wanted NO input whatsoever. Not TV, not video games, not music, nothing. All I did was sleep and get up long enough to eat. Ugh, not fun. I’m better now. Actually, I’ve felt better in the past two days than I have in weeks, so I hope it’s out of my system.

Annnd, that’s really about it. Oh wait, one more thing. Remember how I said New girl #3 was pregnant? Well now Kelli, the other regular third shift worker, is also pregnant…. About six weeks, with a due date in mid-December….. *Sigh* I ain’t never getting off nights šŸ˜¦


I suppose it’s not a good sign when you dream of being repeatedly shot in the head. It certainly makes for a weird feeling when you wake up. It was yet another weird, highly detailed, and graphic dream courtesy of my strangely wired brain. I was in an outdoor shopping mall kind of setting, people all around, when a female sniper started opening fire. I saw the woman pop up with the gun, aim, and fire, all too quickly to react. I even saw the bullet clearly as it came directly at me, striking me in the center of the forehead. I felt the impact, but no pain and my body flew back, falling but my consciousness didn’t move with it. Instead, I watched myself fall; blood, skull fragments, and brain matter scattering. It was very gory. People around me started to panic and run as the sniper kept firing. One of the people in the crowd brushed against my “spirit self” and I was suddenly inside that body. Instead of fleeing, i turned and started running towards the sniper, with the idea that I should stop her. She saw me coming and shot me again. Again, I saw the bullet coming and was hit square in the forehead, my spirit staying as the body I was in fell. This time, I jumped into another person who was fleeing, taking control and turning to try to get at the sniper. Predictably, she saw me coming and shot me yet again. Same pattern, saw the bullet, shot in the forehead, body falling. This happened about half a dozen times before I got the bright idea to try to get at her while still in “spirit form”.

This time, I was able to get to her and I leaped into the sniper’s body to stop her from shooting any more people. Only, instead of simply taking over her body as I had with the others, as I entered her, I was transported to this weird surreal landscape that was very reminiscent of the Nightmare Realm as seen in Marvel comics. My subconscious probably borrowed it for just this occasion. Anyway, as soon as I entered this realm, I was locked in battle with this huge Lovecraftian creature, complete with tentacles, multiple breasts with razor fanged mouths instead of nipples, talons, the whole bit. Unfortunately, that’s where the dream ended. The whole scene froze like the last panel in a “to be continued” comic book. The whole thing was just very weird.

Well then, I’m feeling muuuuuch better now. After a couple weeks of sleeping way too much and isolating myself as much as humanly possible, I feel like I’ve turned a major corner. Saturday night, I had some incredibly vivid, violent and angry dreams. It’s all a swirl of confusion now, but some were memories, some extremely fantastic, all melding together in a whirlwind of emotion. I remember little snippets about Cartridge World, my old job at the video store, screaming at my dad, my mom, my sister, battling legions of enemies… Just a weird river of frustration, anger, and violence.

When I woke up Sunday morning I felt…. clear headed for the first time in weeks, actually awake and ready to start the day. I rolled out of bed, got my stuff together, and went to the gym for the first time in almost a month. Man, it really felt good to sweat and push myself physically…. and to feel like I was doing something positive again. Today, I was up at five am and back at the gym again. Definitely a good sign. It hurt and it’s going to take a while to get back into the groove of working out, but my head’s still clear and I feel….. energized…. Ready to take on the world.

It’s a good feeling. I’m going to savor it

So, here’s one for the misfiring braincells file. Last night I dreamed that I was out taking pictures of a herd of deer in a large field (and getting some fantastic shots, I might add), when I noticed a hunter bracing himself and lining up a on a deer. I dropped my camera and launched myself at him, slamming into him just as the gun went off, causing him to miss.Ā  All the deer started to run. The hunter cursed at me and started chasing them. I, of course, jumped up and started chasing the hunter. He stopped to draw a bead on another deer, I slammed into him (again) just as the gun went off, and the chase resumed. In dreamland, apparently, fleeing deer are very slow. Slow enough that two running human beings can keep up with them. There was a repeating sequence for a while of the deer running, the hunter stopping to aim, and me slamming into him just as the gun went off. Then it was curse, chase, and repeat. Then, just to spice things up, the deer went running into a housing development that was still under construction. The houses were all at that stage where the framework is done and they’re just beginning to put the walls up. So now, the deer are running around and through the houses with the hunter chasing after them, trying to get a good shot, and me pursuing the hunter, foiling him at the last moment every time. After one last slam, the hunter finally had enough and turned the gun towards me….. and that’s when I woke up.

So, I’m wondering what the hell that little dream sequence was supposed to mean. It seems fraught with symbolic meaning, but I have no idea what my subconscious is trying to say. Any suggestions?

OceanĀ dreams

Today is one of those cold, nasty, rainy days where it takes an effort of will to drag my lazy ass out of bed. It would be a much more pleasant day if I had someone to drag back under the covers with me…. Just sayin’.Ā  Anyway, I’m feeling so sluggish that I’m surprised I’m not trailing slime and I’m out of the dark, bitter nectar of the gods that is coffee, so this is turning into a less than productive day.

Last night was one of those active dreaming nights too. My dreams woke me up several times with that confused ‘did that really happen’ feeling. The only one I remember much about involved my friend Jim opening up a Cartridge World and trying to get me to work there. I was torn between wanting to help my friend and knowing if I went back to that place, I’d be trapped for the rest of my life. Oh, and the store itself was set in the first floor of a big, gloomy,Ā  Gothic-style mansion. Yeah, no symbology or hidden messages in that dream right?

Ugh, that’s the problem with working on all these creative projects. My brain actually wakes up and then it doesn’t want to shut down again…. and I have no drugs or alcohol to beat it into submission.

Dear Brain,

Why? Why, in the middle of an otherwise decent dream, did you cut to a scene with two homeless men making out? It didn’t fit in with the rest of the dream and the sequence went on entirely too long. There was just no reason for a close up visual of two hairy, dirty men snogging it up. Was it some sort of artistic statement or protest? Sequences such as that just are not acceptable in my nightly fare. If you insist on including drawn out same sex kissing scenes, please consult with the penis for ideas on characters that would be more pleasing to your viewing audience. Otherwise, I may be forced to unsubscribe from your service.


The Conscious Mind