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Today is the New Jersey primary and I have just returned from voting (among other things), so bear with me while I spout on about politics. Don’ worry, this won’t become a habit.

There are those who will tell you it is the job of our government officials to enact laws, protect and guide the country. etc. This is a lie. The primary job of a politician is to get elected. Once elected, they then focus on getting re-elected. Any law passing and such is, at best, a sideline. At worst, it’s something they do to further their re-election goals. Sure, there are those who get into politics because they truly want to make a difference. Unfortunately, by the time they get into a position with enough influence to make a real change, they have too much invested in the system to want to change it. It’s a corrupt system that feeds on itself and gets hungrier every year. Eventually, it will reach the crisis point and either break down completely or burn off the dead wood and remake itself into something stronger. My bet is on the complete breakdown. (See, now you understand why I don’t talk about politics very often)

We haven’t reached the crisis point yet though, so this year we have to decide on a new leader. When I decide on a candidate, I don’t much listen to the speeches. Speeches mean nothing because it isn’t the politician speaking. It’s words crafted by professional writers tailored to tell you what you want to hear and then put into the candidates mouth. So, I don’t really listen to what they say, but I watch how they say it. I look into their eyes to see what’s there, hoping for a glint of intelligence and a spark of humor. I also watch when they’re not the ones speaking. You can learn a lot about a politician by watching what they do when the focus isn’t on them. Are they listening to whoever is speaking or are they just waiting (impatiently) until it’s their turn to talk again? Are they focused on what’s going on or are they whispering with an adviser? Do they laugh spontaneously or is there that little pause while they decide if it’s something they should be laughing at? In short, I try to see the human being beneath the polished political shell.

Anyway, that’s what I do and those are my opinions. Yours may (and probably do) differ, but that’s one of the good things about this country, the diversity. We now return you to my normal blabbering.