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How Old where you when……

1. Fell in love (real love, not that ‘Okay, I dated my high-school crush and broke up three seconds later’ thing)?: 33

2. Got a MySpace account – 37 (The sad part is I know this because the first comment I ever got on MySpace is still on the frontpage)

3. Smoked weed – 12 or 13

4. Got French kissed – I honestly don’t remember

5. Went to the hospital for surgery – I never had surgery

6. Got your heart broken badly – 34

8. Got arrested – I got busted for shoplifting before I was in high school, if that counts. I actually was cuffed and went to jail back when I was 23 or so.

9. Smoked a Cigarette – Tried it in my mid-teens, threw up for an hours, decided it wasn’t for me

10. Broke your first bone – Hmmm, nose broken in a car accident when I was 15 or 16

11. Went to a concert – As a kid, music was big in my family.

12. Got your own cell phone – 39

13. Got a speeding ticket – Uhmmmm, speeding, not just any ticket? Fist one I can remember was while going to Gibbs, so 36 or 37

14. Ran away – I’ve been running away my whole life

16. Snuck out of the house – Never had to

17. Pierced other than your ears – Not for me, nope

18. Got a tattoo – Again, not my thing

19. Totaled a car – 16, while practicing driving… in our own driveway… Hit the gas instead of the brakes

20. Moved out of your parent house – 20… the first time

21. How old are you now – 40

22. Had a kid? – Never, ever, ever

*Stolen from Toki